Dr. Dominick DiSabatino is a 1987 graduate from Palmer College in Davenport, Iowa. He has had a family practice in the community of Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania for over twenty three years; specializing in neck, mid back, and low back injuries. Dr. D. is a panel doctor for work related injuries for Garnet Valley Schools, Garnet Valley, PA.


Dr. DiSabatino's techniques include spinal manipulation, activator method, decompression therapy, extremity adjusting, and physiotherapies; such as ultra sound and electrical muscle stimulation. Nutritional consultations are offered, along with manual massage, trigger point therapy, sacro-occipital technique blocking (SOT), cranial techniques, and soft touch accupuncture.


Soft touch accupuncture is a technique using muscle testing.  With this type of muscle testing, Dr. DiSabatino is able to determine if a patient is in need of further nutritional testing, and adjunctive therapy, such as various nutritional recommendations.  One could compare this technique to a form of homeopathy.  It is an accurate scan that takes approximately two minutes that can read the whole body and determine the cause of one's chronic condition, which could be helped with various nutritional recommendations and soft touch accupuncture work.


The doctor personally performs all treatments, x-rays, physical therapy, and consultations with the patient. Each patient is treated as an individual with professionalism and care. Educational materials are provided to the patient, in order to explain one's current condition and measures needed to get better.


Immediate and same day appointments are available. Complete chiropractic services are offered, to include X-rays, examinations, spinal manipulations, and physiotherapies.


Patients fondly refer to Dr. DiSabatino as "Dr. D". He prides himself on providing a professional and friendly office environment.  Furthermore, he takes pride in his diagnosis, treatment, explanation, and ability to locate and correct the problem.  It is his belief that the body has an innate intelligence, that if examined, tested, and treated properly, will heal itself.

Dr. D
Diagnostic X-Rays
Leg Length Imbalance
Spinal Decompression
Cervical Palpation
Cervical Manipulation
Dr. D

About Dr. DiSabatino:

When he was in his young 20's and first sought chiropractic care it was after many failed medical attempts to treat sports injuries to his neck, mid back, and low back areas.  He suffered with neck pain, mid back pain, low back pain, headaches, knee pain, and ankle pain.  Most notably, he almost lost the function of his right arm and was heading for surgery in May, soon after graduating from undergraduate school at Widener University.  His initial reaction was, "I have nothing to lose; let me try chiropractic care."  To his amazement, after 3-4 weeks of care, he no longer experienced headaches or neck pain.  After two months of care, he was able to regain the use of his right arm and hand again.  After three months of care, his condition was resolved.  Through adjustments and similar care that he administers to his patients today, his condition has resolved and all daily living activiites are back to normal. 

Dr. DiSabatino was so excited with the results he received with chiropractic care; he changed his entire course of study from accounting to chiropractic studies.  Now, with the same enthusiasm that he felt as a young patient recovering from years of pain, he offers hope to many, who have suffered needlessly.

Dr. DiSabatino strongly feels that if those initial injuries did not happen he would never have become a chiropractor.  It's interesting how something so tragic turned out to be a blessing for his future and with the hope. a blessing for yours.