"I was referred to Dr. DiSabatino by my orthopedic surgeon over 7 years ago.  I had strained my back on vacation and the prescription medications were not working.  The pain and muscle spasms were so intense that I could not sleep and could barely walk.  Dr. DiSabatino and his staff were very courteous and caring and got me in to see him quickly.  Dr. DiSabatino was very caring and professional and quickly diagnosed and treated my back condition.  He alleviated much of my discomfort on the first visit.  Under Dr. DiSabatino's care I have led an active life as a retinal surgeon and long distance road cyclist.  My job requires me to be spend hours on my feet and repeatedly sitting and standing.  Biking over 7000 miles a year also puts a great strain on my back.  Being an allopathic doctor made me a bit skeptical of chiropractic medicine but Dr. DiSabatino's care and treatment has convinced me of its benefit for my back injury.  I have referred several friends and fellow physicians to Dr. DiSabatino.  I highly recommend Dr. DiSabatino." 

Bruce Saran, M.D.

For the past 4 years, I have received outstanding care from Dr. Dominick DiSabatino. The pain in my back has lessened and the treatment provided has prevented my back pain from recurring.  As a result, I am able to maintain a normal lifestyle. Dr. DiSabatino and his staff are personable, knowledgeable, professional, and kind. They are always willing and able to accommodate consistently crazy schedules.

Mike Ricci

Garnet Valley H.S. Football Coach



I wanted to thank you for all you have done for me. When I was in high school, I broke two vertebrae in my lower back, playing football. Up until the point of meeting you, about 9 years ago, I suffered debilitating sciatic nerve pain, which despite my will to main a high level of athletic activity, I was seriously affected both physically and mentally.

At age 25, a well known surgeon, who was the team doctor for a number of professional sports franchises, suggested a spinal fusion but said it would restrict my athletic activities and was in no way a cure for my problem.  I continued to suffer for another 14 years until I had the good fortune to meet you.

I remember the day we met at karate class and told you of my condition.  You were confident it could be cured with chiropractic adjustments. At the time, I was skeptical, since I had already been to the top doctor in the area but the pain was serious enough that I was willing to give anything a try at that point.  After three weeks of chiropractic treatment, my condition was not only improved, but I was completely pain free and have remained so due to periodic adjustments. I am just sorry I didn't meet you 20 years earlier.

On another occasion, I had pain in my upper back, which I thought was due to a rib condition. I came to see you and didn't even mention the rib pain, but you knew at once, just by your excellent diagnostic sills, that I had a gall bladder condition going on, and suggested supplements to aid it.  Amazingly, a few days on the supplements and the pain was gone.

Steve Rodia

Financial Advisor

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Dr. Dominick DiSabatino, D.C.  Last year on Christmas Eve 2008, I fell down the back stairs onto the ice. This was a serious fall and when I fell on the ice I laid there for several minutes not being able to move; I had hit my head and neck on several steps and also injured my back. My wife Linda had been a patient of Dr. D. for several years and she called his office for an emergency appointment. He was able to get me in quickly, take xrays and begin the work of adjustments on me. Dr. D. has been an excellent chiropractor and my health has made wonderful progress. My office visits are now down to a minimal monthly visit and my neck and back are doing very well. I can highly recommend Dr. D. without reservations to any individual who is in need of chiropractic services.

Leland D. Mosby

D. Min., Ed.D.

Dr. D....is the best.... chiropractor. After 30 years of visiting chiropractors, I have learned to listen to my body and when it starts talking to me with various aches, pains, or discomforts, I no longer run to my MD (although, I have a checkup annually), but I head to Dr. D's office and explain what's bugging me.


In finding Dr. D, when I moved here in 1997, I called various chiropractors and asked if they used SOT.... Sacro Occipital Technique to adjust. I had learned this term many years before and it worked best.Yes, he did, and the rest is history. The staff at Dr. D's is such a plus.... Debbie, the receptionist, bookkeeper, and so much more, is a friend I've come to look forward to seeing each visit. She is super. And Rosie..... Dr. D's wife, can often be found there checking me in, answering the phone.... and giving me a hug as well. What a joy to have found these wonderful people! As I said in the beginning..... "Dr. D..... is the best.... Chiropractor." I'm truely Blessed!

Ruth Ellen Duncan

Business Owner

Upon a recommendation from a family member, I met Dr. DiSabatino in April 2009, when I underwent his very comprehensive chiropractic evaluation.  I was in a lot of pain and had numbness down my left arm and had neck and back pain, with a substantial decrease in my overall daily functioning.  Long story short, I felt miserable and could not get relief for a long time!  I feared that Dr. DiSabatino wouldn't want to treat me because I was so "wrecked".  He didn't hesitate and very methodically worked on helping me to get well.  His approach is wonderful because he treats you as "the whole person".  He takes into consideration your lifestyle, diet, and stress management concerns in conjunction with your physical presentation of problems.  Dr. DiSabatino is a warm, caring person, who is clearly concerned about helping his patients live a healthier pain free life with a better overall sense of well-being.

Lisa Barksdale

Insurance Representative